3BT: Happy New Years, Starting out, Spreading the word

1. Happy New Year! Wishing everyone health and happiness and many blessings in 2011.

2. This time 55 years ago Jim and I were boarding a train for Baltimore at Union Station (DC) to start our new life together.

We were married in NC on December 30th and spent a brief honeymoon in Washington, DC on our way from NC to Baltimore to be there when the Hopkins Medical School classes reconvened January 2.

All honeymoons have stories. Ours is no exception.

I will leave room in case I decide to share a few.

3. Tired today. Have spent lots of time all day sending messages asking folks to spread the word about the Webinar Robin and I have scheduled for January 9.
Strategies tailored to storytellers and storytelling producers to help them expand their "reach" and fill seats at storytelling events.
The clock it ticking. This is a last chance - no more workshops scheduled after January 9.
If you are interested - register now!

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