Mama - quilted

"Mama" - Quilted
  Altered Photos
   circa 2000

This, originally sepia, photograph is one of my favorite pictures of my mother. She had it taken by a professional photographer so Daddy could take it with him when he went over-seas in 1943.

In my childhood memories, this is the young woman I see.

Fun making this for a show at Gallery 10, Washington, DC. Scanned the photograph, altered it with a "paint" program, laminated the pictures and then assembled the quilt. The work has a history. It was exhibited at the DC Art-o-matic (circa 2004) and at Dadian Gallery, Wesley Seminary, Washington, DC. (circa 2006)  Important to know the provenance of a piece of art work,

But, of all the places I showed the work, I was happiest to hang it at Mama's 90th Birthday Party in 2005.

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