People ask about what its like to be a storyteller.  Do you just read and write stories all the time. I wish!

This has been a very busy day - getting back down to the business of storytelling - which is necessary but not nearly as fun as telling stories.

The new title for working alone and having to do everything yourself is "solo-preneur." So as a solopreneur today I sent marketing emails, made marketing calls to set up gigs and worked on planning and coordinating a storytelling trip to North Carolina in February.

Tomorrow there is still a lot to do.  At present, just like most of the storytellers I know, I am juggling at least 4 projects - - and they have simultaneous deadlines. Its just how it is.

Actually I like it!

And, I am grateful for all of it - - no matter how much I often fret and fuss about it.

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mountainstories said...

I love the term "Solo-preneur"! I often am marketing for different programs/parts of what I do at the same time. Few realize the hours it takes off stage for those few minutes "On stage".