Granny's Birthday


Ellie Hall Keasler Baer

June 1 is a special day to me -remembering my dearest grandmother - Ellie Hall Keasler Baer - deep rooted in NC she is a loving woman who still means the world to me. I decided to use this picture because the dress has a story for me.

In the ninth grade at Piedmonth Jr. High School in Charlotte - I was thrilled and nervous to have a role in a musical-theatrical play for our Spring show. In the role I was made up with white powdered hair and long skirts to make me look like an old gypsy woman. A couple of costumes like that were easy to borrow - but an important black dress could not be found - until I remembered there was a favorite dress from Montaldo's Women's Store in Granny's closet. I was nervous when I went over and asked her if she would lend me "this special beautifuldress". She was quiet first. I watched her thinking about it - and then she said - 
"all right, Ellouise, you can use it if you promise you will be careful with my dress." I remember hugging her promising how careful I would be -- and I did bring it back in next day.