Catching Up -

For some days I have passed right by this blog without adding a word. So here are a few.

1. Yesterday was a lucky day for me. On short notice I attended an outstanding talk by Steve Roberts - well known journalist and GW Prof. on Journalism
A large audience was quiet and intently captured by his presentation which was richly informative and eye-opening to the changes in journalism today— as well as his being quite entertaining. 

At one point he walked us through the time line of changes in journalism since the trustful years of WWII when correspondents wore uniforms with the troops. 
So......that’s what has happened...
He explained that today things change so fast it makes it difficult for journalists to thoroughly research and check stories before they hit the “post it” button to publish onto the internet.
Afterwards he completed the program I joined a long line and waited to thank him.
Thanks too to for organizing this public event. 

2. I met a lovely woman recently who really surprised me.
We were standing next to each other waiting in a long line. We chatted about a bunch to things and I really enjoyed the conversation. After a while I began to leaning on my cane. She   was sitting close-by. Unexpectedly she interrupted her comments, looked up at me and said, "Honey, sorry I cannot offer you this chair but I am 100 years old and I think that is a reasonable excuse."
Startled I looked down at her, "what? Did you just tell me you are 100 years old?"

Yes, she assured me that is what she said "its true." This lovely woman had come alone, driving herself to join in the group, and when she walked out of the building ahead of me I saw that she was walking slowly but well and she was headed toward her car which was parked across the width of the parking lot. I am glad she told me her age - she is keeping on and with a great spirit - what an example.