New Video: Interview with Nick Newlin

Fun conversation with musician, juggler, storyteller Nick Newlin on Stories in Focus. Nick tells us abous his work in bringing students together with Shakespeare plays  - and he tells us a story.


Lions and Tears - NEW VIDEO

In 1985 I was in Africa attending the UN Conference on Women. On the week-end of my 49th birthday a friend and I signed up for a three-day safari that took us to Amboseli Park in Tanzani and I experienced the gift of a very moving spiritual experience as well as the excitement of seeing lions up close and tall, stately giraffes running free - as they were meant to. I tell that story HERE.


This is My Two Cents

National storyteller Andy Offutt Irwin came to town last week and he and Grammy Winning musician Cathy Fink teamed up as a terrific duo for music and storytelling in an evening performance sponsored by the Institute of Musical Traditions.
Read about it on DC Metro Theater Arts. com

In the DC Metro Area we don't have many opportunities to see national touring storytellers so those in the 'know" as well as those there to "find out" filled the room at the Dance Exchange last week-end. I am crossing my fingers there will be many more storyteller evenings on IMT's annual program.

Thanks to Joel Markowitz, Publisher of DC Metro Theater Arts for an opportunity to share my two cents.


NEW VIDEO: The WHY of my storytelling

The Cowtail Switch is an African Folktale that hits the nail on the head for why I do what I do with storytelling.  Maybe it will have something to say to you too.


Working for more.

Goethe Institut - Mainstage

This is what I am thinking about these days because I have been assigned to this venue for the Capital Fringe and my new show Arlington National Cemetery, A Story Salute.

It is a perfect venue for storytelling and its familiar.  This will be my fourth Fringe in this venue. I really appreciate being back where I feel comfortable especially when I am telling a story that means a great deal to me. And this story does.

Arlington is a very special national monument but to me it is  even more - it is a family place. Our three year old daughter died suddenly in 1964. Jim, at the time on active duty with the US Air Force Medical Corps, exercised his Arlington Option and promised that he would be buried in that grave - so that Gretchen could be at the time.

Thus we had a personal family relationship with Arlington for 47 years and then Jim died and was buried in Arlington in 2012. And I know that evenutally I will join them.

This story ties all the family threads together  - and reflects on the honor and respect of the hallowed grounds of Arlington National Cemetery.

Personal stories come from our lives. And, then we hope to say more than just tell a personal story.