Checks Can Return


My collaging on this wooden salad bowl started easily twenty years ago. 
I like to work gluing and pasting - picking up things and make them into art.

This piece began when I found a lost small old electric paper cutter.
I was thrilled that day to find it
  along with a box stuffed with 25 year old checks 
  from the bank.
  These two would go together. I was sure.

They did - but I set it aside
  before it was finished. 

A few weeks ago I found the box I had filled with all I checks I still had.
Not thrown away.


Good to Have Distractions

Last week I was thinking hard about Corvid and the Pandemic that has been part of our lives since February.  I realized I needed some happy distractions. So, I went looking - digging deep into my memories - for some happy times. Maybe you are looking for some distractions too.

Here is a video/story you might enjoy.

       Captain Kangaroo 

                                             Distractions -