End of the Month - January 2019

From Ellouise:

Last Day of The Month -
End of January, 2019
- -making a list of what happened so that I will remember this year.

Nice to have a "bird on guard."

The month has been busy - some things were listed, others just popped up - some were scheduled and planned, others appeared as surprises - - - days were unpredictable. All month the weather has been strange - cold enough to keep me in my house - I really don't mind it - there is plenty for me to do behind my doors - storytelling and art - cleaning up, planning - etc. etc.

Several weeks ago my daughter and I made a short visit to our house in PA. Since Jim "left" I have not liked going there.

I planned a couple of storytelling events this summer - which I have had to cancel - because of a timing conflict. I am very disappointed and have already started rescheduling. Business, business, business.