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On the Wall
Berkeley, CA
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Exploring collaging with video and audio files

"My SELF is often a collage". Movie with audio story and textile illustration.

This is a simple movie, true. Its a beginner's effort. But its something I have wanted to play with for longer than I care to tell you. Made up my mind several months ago that I would start using some of my audio files combined with my art work to put small clips together. And - - I would begin NOW.

When my daughter Robin was here recently I asked her to "show" me how to get started. Because I learn faster when I see it - I figured having Robin show me would really jump stat this process. It has.

Several years ago I realized that all the video and audio files I have are an amazing stash of materials to work with - - very much like collaging with textiles and papers. I am surprised that this is not "rocket" science - its mostly cutting and pasting and knowing which are the right buttons to push. Listen, I can do that!

Do love this MacBook which opens doors to so many new technologies.


Camera Notes

We are enjoying the quiet of the country.
We drove up this afternoon in frustrating stop and go heavy traffic
Feeling tight and rattled
So once settled in and fed the quiet is welcome

These Iris bloomed in our yard here last Spring.
Remembering their beauty and grace
Thanks to the camera
I can enjoy them again.

Grateful for my camera - for helping me hold the moments.
Like grace notes.


A Bit of Collage

Three by "me" - a small virtual show.

Cleaning my studio.
Weeding and culling.
Actually taking stuff to the trash and the dump.

Unearthing memories and treasures

Personal archeology.