A Drive A-long Story - 1

The other night as I was driving over to Alexandria to tell Love Notes I snapped photos with my phone whenever I was stopped at a light or stalled in the 5 PM "going home" traffic. Later when I put up the first two pictures which were taken on Connecticutt Avenue - they worked as story-prompts - which I made into Facebook posts. Decided I wanted to save it - who knows I may go somewhere with this story - in fact I know I will as I have been thinking about it for several years.

Note to explain "waving to Jim"-  Jim is buried at Arlington National Cemetery. 

Jim and I spent a 3 day honeymoon in DC - then moved here in 1968.

I will be ISC Teller in Residence for a wk in September. 



July, 1978

The ERA MARCH, Washington Mall, Washington, DC

More than 100,000 women wearing white - the connection to the women who fought for the Vote - marched in favor of Congress granting an extension on the time given to pass the Equal Rights Amendment.

When the vote was taken that year  theygranted an additional three years.

I was there that day marching with a group under the flag of the Coalition of Women's Arts Organiztions.

It was an exciting, energizing, and hopeful gathering on a very hot and humid Summer day in Washington. We were eyewitnesses to history.

Those days were filled with challenges. The memories of the times and the people are vivid for me
and being a part of the 1970s Women's Movement changed my life.

Pushing Boundaries is my personal story of those days - -

I will be telling PUSHING BOUNDARIES:

2 PM  Thursday  September 10 at the International Storytelling Center, Jonesborough, TN

7:30 PM  Wednesday, September 16, Friendship Heights Village Com. Ctr., Chevy Chase, MD

I hope women will come to hear this story and to remember their own.