We are going back to Hopkiins today - for Jim's 50th Class Reunion from Hopkins Medical School. How can this be? It was just yesterday.
We will see classmates - look into old faces and see them as they were in 1957 - at least I hope that's what people will see when they look into my eyes.
I am hoping for memories, laughs and stories. The real stuff of reunions.
I am set to enjoy being there THEN - again.



Once I thought orchids only came in a corsage. Certainly they were not something you could live with everyday. That was then - this is now. You can buy orchids for a bragain price at the Safeway or spend UP at a florist.

I like to have them around - to watch the unfolding of the blossoms along a stem. They engage you. Then they reward you with such gorgeous color. That's one change I like about life today - I don't have to wait for a dance for an orchid - - - and then keep the soggy box with the wilting orchid in the refrigerator.

Should I ask if they were flown in - or grown locally? Would it help my carbon footprint if I walked to the Safeway to buy it? Are these the questions that will make a different in the long run?


DC Wall

Found this wall in Stead Park on P Street.


I Missed It

I missed it.

I missed it!

I missed May Day!

Jim and I went to a lecture Monday evening about "our crazy busy lives". Dr. Hallowell says "take charge" and points to the culprits - the cell phone, iPods, Blackberrys, email, internet and etc. "Turn them off," he says.

I agree!

I did!

and look what happened.

I missed May Day!

I laughed as I reminded Jim that the doctor had circulated an email list during the lecture and that we , like everybody else in the audience, had signed up.

They say you write about what you know.

Could it be? Is it possible?

That the good doctor also has a crazy busy life too?