Collecting Short Memories

Collecting short memories that I think I will want to use some where.
In her book "The Total Memory Make-over" Marilu Henner talks about using your five senses to bring back bits of your past.  
Thinking of that I remembered this blog post from 2007.  

October 2007:  North Carolina candy apples photographed one October in Mount Airy, NC. 
Karen and I were on our way to Charlotte. When we saw the highway sign for the turn to Mt. Airy we decided to take the detour and visit this town which was used as Mayberry in the Andy Griffith Show.  We rode into town on a beautiful October day and found a Fall Fair filling the main street. There were stalls selling crafts, food stuffs, and Christmas gifts. We stopped to listen to an old-timer playing a rousing fiddle tune. At one stall a couple was dipping apples into hot candy syrup and dropping them onto metal trays to "set". 

It smelled spicy and sweet and filled my head with memories of being "home".