Moments to Remember

1999  Our Pilgrimage to Israel, Jordan and Egypt -

Found this when searching for something else - and reminded of a fabulous and meaningful trip Jim I made to the Holy Land - our trip led by the late wonderful Fr. Larry Boadt who was an amazing teacher and guide. This is the cover to a book of meditations - Rev. James A Wallace wrote the meditations and I provided the drawings from moments of our trip. This drawing is an adaptation of a photo Jim took of me from a point overlooking Jerusalem.

1986 - After I came home from taking an exhibit to Kenya to be seen during the UN Conference on Women I arranged a schedule of US exhibits.
Last night these yellowed papers surfaced from an old file aud it tells part of the later story.
Glad I kept a copy of Polly Paddock's article in the Charlotte Observer . Not only the story of the Charlotte Exhibit it also brings back many other
of how that gone done - - - and how grateful I am for Jennie's help - and how much I admired her work in the MD Legislature. At that time
she was in the House - she was later delegated to the Maryland Senate. She made us all proud there for 36 years.