A Painting From My Past

I saw a few paintings like this when our family went to a small museum in Strausburg, France. 
 I don't remember the name of the artist on the wall in France at that time. I just loved her paintings.  

When we came home I was attending classes at American University and I started painting these kinds of paintings. Drawing the grid on and then working with the colors. 

It was hard but I loved it. One of the professors who was a sort of tough guy asked me if I was losing my mind when he saw me painting these little squares. No I wasn’t losing my mind.  It was stressful because of having to get the colors in the right place. 

There must be more in the studio.

Another important thing about this trip to Germany and France was that it we were all together.



Your Name is Your First Story

Thanksgiving has a change this year- - 

its not the regular and usual gathering for Thanksgiving.

Corvid 19 sets another stage when we gather family or friends. 

Its for food and SAFETY.

If you are together around a table you have to wash your hands, sit apart, and wear masks.

if you are not together use  Zoom  to see each other and the telephone to do the annual talking.

Here is a TIP - 
                      Start talking with something easy - - - like Your First Story.  




Our cat cries 

 in the hall       

late at night 

                      near the open door to my bedroom.

                                                She wakes me up and I call her 

                                                but she stays away      


                                                                                    If only 

                                                                                    she would 


                                                                                                   closer and closer

                                                                                                    to make my bed                                                                                                

                                                                                                                             warm as toast.




Don't Forget - Wear Your Masks

  Last week they "called it" for former V.P. Joe Biden - now he is elect President - - until the ceremony in January 2021 --along with Select Vice President Kamala Harris. 

Quickly President Donald Trumpt stirred more trouble with his threats to Select President that he would  not give up his White House office. There were TV reports that he was furious about the way things had gone. 

He put his orange hair dye away and now his hair shines fully white. He is not making comments ons  TV or coming out where people can see him.  He has accused others of hiding in the basement - but isn't he the one who is hiding. Several TV speakers on TV said he cannot stand losing.

It has also been said on TV that Trump was not paying attention to the force of the new pandemic surge that is killing many more US people.  Hospitals are being filled; doctors, nurses and others are worn out. They are emotionally stressed as the patients die in their hands. TV programs recount daily so we can hear  how Covid-19 is killing more innocent people and threatening people and families. 

Doctors are pointing out again how important it is for people to protect themselves - wear their masks, keep a social distance from each other, wash their hands and the words ring with the announcement - 
"don't come together for family gatherings on Thanksgiving." 

Doctors and medical workers are counting on people to help - to watch out for themselves, their families, their friends and strangers.                                                     


A Bee Hive Hair-do


 Just a Bee Hive Hair-do.


Relax Through Suspense


Tonight we are watching people talk about how its working
out between two men who want to get a big job
that's coming.

Its not easy to watch as the
people have split Biden and Trump. 
I joined in when people talked about their strong
wishes for the current President to walk out of the White House and leave the position of  President to Biden.
As they pull out all the votes it looks as though the 
current big guy would accept the job I feel sick and want to
scream "no".

Stop... I say to myself. 
Turn off the TV and the lights in the roo
Turn on a movie. 
Pull blankets around you to get warm.
Go to sleep.
They will announce something tomorrow morning....
Then I can know.