ARLINGTON: My Forever Home

REVIEW: The Journal of Military Experience: Military Experience and th Arts: Nov. 2013

                 ARTICLE: Arlington Connection Newspaper: May 19, 2013


An Uncommon View of Arlington's Hallowed Grounds, Where 
Honoring Service, History, and Family Stories Blend.
 A one-woman show written and performed by Ellouise Schoettler 
Schoettler says:
This story blends history and the every day at Arlington with my family story for an   intimate, poignant, and sometimes humorous visit to our forever home.
Reviewers have said: 
*  "She closes a show ostensibly about death and loss on a note of life and hope."
                                                                                                                                                DC Metro Theater Arts
*   "The amazing aspect of this show it is deep;y personal yet sheds light on broader political and          
      cultural issues."  DC Theater Scene 

*  "It's poignant and well,  pretty darn perfect." DC Broadway World

*   " Perhaps the best part of this shows Schoettler's style of presenting the material. She is seated   
     on a stool as if you were seated in her living room and the piece shows off her talents in putting
     together an engaging monologue which is not easy to do." MD Theater Guide

From the storyteller:
My husband, Jim Schoettler, who served as a Flight Surgeon and Physician, USAF, was buried in Arlington August 1, 2012 with a full honors ceremony.

When I visit Jim I often find poignant, touching and even humorous stories of notables, families, and trusted caretakers, along with the reverent Old Guard and irreverent horses. Our forever neighborhood is rich in stories.

Makes sense to me to learn all I can about this historic, honored and sacred place before I move in.
Selected performances:
2013:  Arlington National Cemetery: My Forever Home was previewed at WIMSA, the memorial for women in military service to America, at Arlington
2013: DC Capital Fringe, Washington, DC
Selected performances:
Maryland Institute, Baltimore, MD fin conjunction with an Arts and the Military exhibition, Occonee Library, Watkinsville, GA, International Storytelling Theater, Jonesborough, TN, Athenaeum, Alexandria,

About Schoettler:
Ellouise Schoettler is a professional storyteller who performs nationwide. She is known for creating stories that touch hearts and tickle funny-bones by blending personal experience, history and the every day into memorable stories audiences remember. For more info:


LB said...

I saw Ellouise Scloetter perform this piece last night, opening night of DC'c Capital Fringe Festival. When people like a show, they will say "I laughed, I cried" but it can sound hyperbolic. One of the many charms of this performance was how intimate it was - and, yes, I laughed, I cried.

In DC area in the next two weeks? You should go. Ellouise deserves a big audience!

najamonline4u said...

amazing post. my visit to teh Arlington National Memorials was really nice and I have never seen such a beautiful place before

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