Exploring collaging with video and audio files

"My SELF is often a collage". Movie with audio story and textile illustration.

This is a simple movie, true. Its a beginner's effort. But its something I have wanted to play with for longer than I care to tell you. Made up my mind several months ago that I would start using some of my audio files combined with my art work to put small clips together. And - - I would begin NOW.

When my daughter Robin was here recently I asked her to "show" me how to get started. Because I learn faster when I see it - I figured having Robin show me would really jump stat this process. It has.

Several years ago I realized that all the video and audio files I have are an amazing stash of materials to work with - - very much like collaging with textiles and papers. I am surprised that this is not "rocket" science - its mostly cutting and pasting and knowing which are the right buttons to push. Listen, I can do that!

Do love this MacBook which opens doors to so many new technologies.

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StarryTelling said...

You go girl! Great start. I look forward to seeing more. I am taking a Final Cut Pro Editing class in Takoma Park and am looking forward to doing more in film. Heck, I majored in photojournalism...somehow I took a few roads less traveled (visa processing, starrytelling) and maybe now I can use all that I have learned....as you do to make my own "crazy quilt" film.

There will be a little of a trip to the Soviet Union with my mother in 1968 when I was 16 to the trip to the Intl Space Univ where I met a Russian gentleman astrophysicist who kept me from toppling on the cobble stone streets of Strasbourg 42 years later. He walked me into a cathedral and found myself weeping at the sound of a woman singing that reminded me of my now deceased mother's singing in church.