Relaxing with Cinderella

It is quiet, deliciously quiet in our PA house. Well, why not. There are only occasional cars on our road and we do not have a TV cable hooked up. We eat casually, meaning I hardly cook. The most insistent sound is the humming refrigerator and my clicking on the computer keyboard. Not like home where you have to chase quiet down to find some.

We only have noise in the house if we are watching a movie.
Which, ofcourse, we do.

Last night we watched a fluffy little movie, The Prince and Me - my choice. Jim shrugged and was patient about it. Actually he was listening to an interesting audio book on a cd player - using earphones - so it did not bother him.

The Prince and Me is a cute take on "Cinderella" where the playboy prince comes to America - to Wisconsin - to find "wild" college girls he saw on some tv news clip. Instead he meets a "real" American farm girl with ambition to be a doctor. Trouble at first and then love. Pretty predictable. The movie does not require much of its audience. Just watch and enjoy.

The scene switches to his country in Europe where she turns down her chance for the throne and returns to America and her dreams to be a doctor. I am glad they chose the ending they did for all the teenagers watching this film. The actors are appealing and they have a good romantic chemistry on screen. And, look, who can resist a charming Cinderella story.

I particularly enjoyed the directors commentary - talking about how they settled on shooting the European scenes in Prague - because I could recognize those locations. Loved our visit to Prague when Jimmy and Monica were living there. Also liked hearing the woman director talking about why she liked the script and how she wanted the story to "Look" on the screen. Ah, you see, I was learning something.

I love fluffy chick flicks especially when I have some knitting going and don't feel the time is completely wasted. Its relaxing.

What's wrong with relaxing? Letting your mind hang-out. Recharging your batteries. NOTHING!

But today it seems people (me) feel they have to justfy "taking a break". Or is it just where we live in the DC area where people work, eat and sleep on treadmills - - - governed by lists?

No wonder there is a flight from the White House. Have you wondered about that. Those guys are running for their lives.

I am only saying - I am not pondering.  This morning. I am relaxing.

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