It was misty rain.
Then it changed - big time.
All this happened in two hours.

So far we have not lost power - and that's a blessing.
Karen- who only lives eight blocks away is sitting in the dark!
She has decided to stay the night at home-
Knowing she can come over - walking over - if she needs to
Roads are impassable so far -
Trudging is the only way!

Jim has turned on the electric blanket
Why am I sitting here?
Going, going, gone!

PS: Added next day
After I closed off the computer the power went off in the house. Blink and then black.
We slept through snug and warm but by 8am it was COLD in the house. Fortunately we have a wood stove in the den. But - no coffee. Car snowed in. We were just settling down for the day - when - blessed blink - lights on all over the house, tv came on - Power is back. PTL.

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