TBT: Venice, the Basement, A Timer and A CA Moment.

Altered Card
circa 1985

This is a collage I made when I was visiting my daughter Robin in Hermosa Beach, CA. She was living in her first CA apartment which was the first floor of an old Spanish-type stucco house on the corner of the Strand where Manahttan Beach becomes Hermosa Beach. From where I was sitting, if I craned my neck, I could see the Pacific Ocean, sparkling in the early morning sunlight. I loved that place. At the time I was traveling for a political job. By making small collages I could work "on the road." Multi-tasking. A funny thing about making art - it holds memories - of time and space as well as of who you were and how you felt when you created it. Often, my art works are my tickets back to another time - for time traveling.

Three Beautiful Things:

1. A friend sent us a recent photo of snow in Venice! Lovely.

2. The first bag of trash being removed from the basement. Its a start.

3. The iPhone has a TIMER!!!! This is a help for my "keep focused" resolution.

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