Last Roses

Its late so I am just posting a photo tonight.

Tomorrow is filled with many lovely things.
First the annual workshop with Storyteller, Donald Davis. We will gather at Susan Gordon's house at 8:30 am. That does not sound too early on the suface but Susan's place is almost an hour away. translates to my getting my feet on the floor by 6 am. Ohhhhhhh me.

A day with friends and stories! Sounds good to me .

Tomorrow night Donald will take the stage at the Writers Center in Bethesda, MD for a concert of stories - favorites of his friend and mine, Sherry Geyelin - in a memorial concert for Sherry. Without a doubt it will be wonderful! The concert has been sold out since before Christmas. I will emcee - tomorrow I will consider what to say - as little as possible actually - so that we can hear all the stories Donald can tell.

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