Three Beautiful Things and stuff

Three Beautiful Things

1. Made a plan for the day and actually stayed on it so tonight I feel like I have accomplished something.

2. The Mac and Cheese casserole I made last light tasted even better as a "left-over" for lunch. For this recipe I added the grated long-horn cheese - generously - into the cream sauce along with a bit of chopped yellow onion. The onion was a delicious surprise. Jim and I agreed that Mac and Cheese is quintessential comfort food.  Not only does it taste good - it conjures up warm feelings from across your life.

3. An unexpected call from a good friend I have not talked with in a long time. Such a great way to start the New Year.


When we turned on the TV NEWS this morning the CNN reporter was focusing on the huge LOTTERY Prize.  So we started the day listening to folks dreaming about hitting it big. Like everyone else we would like to hit it so Jim bought lottery tickets this afternoon. Its cheap fun - and fantasy. We have decided how we will divide the win-fall -- if it falls on us. For our family - then sharing with others and some good deeds. Once we might have talked about frivolous stuff -not today. There is too much need in the world to think about spending frivolously - -

Then I heard the odds - millions to one - but who knows, right?

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