Busy Monday - Closing a door: Opening another

Taping Good Will Mourning for Stories in Time was a real challenge this morning. I had to slice and dice as I went along because I could feel the story was too long. That's what I love about storytelling - the oral story is not set in stone - not fixed. Its malleable. And often a few slices will be an improvement. 

A quick run to Dupont Circle to pick up some folding chairs I am buying from Gallery 10 as they close the gallery and clear out things. After 37 years Gallery 10 is closing - bittersweet good-bye to a lot of history of the Washington, DC art world.

Members are working hard to sort and pack materials to donate to an art Archives. You can't send history to the shredder.

Hard to say good-bye to an institution. Many memories of wonderful exhibitions, artists, dear friends, and, with Gallery 10, several adventurous trips to Italy. On a personal front: my own shows including About Time, the exhibition with which Jim and I celebrated our 50th wedding anniversary. Places become important fixtures in the landscape of our lives - so familiar we stop noticing - until they are gone. This is when Memory kicks in and holds the pictures of people and places so we can remind ourselves anytime we want to.

Jim and I loaded the metal chairs into the back of our van and they clattered against each other all the way home. Glad to have them.  Rock bottom clean out price was RIGHT. Planning ahead for a couple of house concerts.

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