Close to Home

close to home
are worth keeping
and sometimes -
prompts remembering
to hold a moment.

Blending in

 even so
I captured his patterns.

Rat a tat tat
making a ruckus
like an insistent machine

nothing retiring about the wood-pecker.

Golden machine
abandoned on the curb
sadly idle
side-lined from the game

wonder who won
or lost?

Wandering through my photograph files. I like to bring out images that refresh memories. Sometimes, like this morning, I look for the small images, taken at different times, that remind me of that particular day. They are like "tickets" for a quick trip back in time.

Artists across the ages have used some form of sketch book as a journal of everyday life and to catch small glimpses of the world around them. I use the digital camera for that kind of note-taking.

My computer files are glutted with insignificant images that are treasure for me. They are the bits and pieces of daily experience - shadows on a Starbucks table, pattern on a sweater passing by, Jim's hands on the newspaper, deer wandering the near-by lawns, a pile of mail on the dining room table. You get the idea.

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