circa 1990 

"Splat" is a great word. It has sound and meaning that strike  just the right note on certain occasions - like when you slip on the ice and fall flat on your ass on the freezing wet sidewalk.

I know because that exact thing happened to me on a DC street last winter.


Provence Cat
digital photo

Jim and I were stranded in Provence, France for ten days  after September 11, 2001. 
One afternoon our companion suggested we drive into the countryside to visit an artist friend of hers. We drove through orchards and farmlands and past small off-the-tour type villages until we reached a picturesque farmhouse situated in the middle of orchards. 
This cat was peacefully sunning himself on the window sill in the kitchen.

The afternoon in the country felt as though we had stepped out of the "real" world where things had truly gone SPLAT and created the NEW NORMAL  we still live today.

A Diamond Jubilee Bit.

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