A Day

1. A "House" marathon is keeping me company as I work in my office. Dr. House is irritating and irascible - someone you would hate to be around - but I love the character, House, and the actor who plays him, Hugh Laurie.

2. Started another year of my cable tv show this morning - telling a folk tale. Fun.

3. Looking ahead. Assembling the images, quotes and pictures for a Pushing Boundaries CD to send to the media company so that I will have it ready by February 1.

Another reason to be grateful for text messaging. A member of Jim's family in California is in the hospital and its so much easier to keep in touch and receive timely updates by texting. Robin suggested that we ally with one of the younger  guys - we did - and voila - we are in the loop. Makes things so much easier! I am a new convert. Come on thumbs. You can do it.

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