New Years Eve: Reflections and Resolutions

(Jim took this picture of Ellouise beside the steam train in Cumberland, MD - September 2010 - on the way to the Applachian Festival in Frostburg, MD to tell stories with Katie and Otto Ross, Joanne Dadisman, and Susie Whaples.)

As dependable as death and taxes every year it comes to this point - New Year's Eve. Here you stand looking back at the waning year and peering forward hopefully into the face of the new.

Last year I resolved lots of things - that have not been scratched off the list or made into being a "habit."

This year I am going to be kinder to myself. No long lists but some ideas.
FOCUS - being the main one.
Try to have all things relate to each other.

So, I am declaring 2011 my Diamond Jubilee Year - as I will turn 75 in July.
I am embracing and celebrating those years - which after all have been a gift to me.

Themes of memories, stories, genealogy and cleaning out - that's my focus. I plan/hope to braid those themes all year. You will hear more about it.

Jim and Ellouise
on the grounds of Dublin Castle
Dublin Ireland.

Celebrating our Irish roots.

In 2011 we are focusing on picking up our Genealogy research so we can tie up threads and complete files for the next family historians to continue. It all fits. I came to storytelling through Genealogy and Jim was the one who started us on the search for our roots.

Time to review:

We had some wonderful times:
  • Jim has done well on Chemo and his latest scans were "good". Thank you God.
  • All is well in the family.
And we have had some tough times - in losing some good friends this year. The world has not seemed as bright without them.
  • Storytelling is going well - from Cap Fringe to Haunts - some out-of-town; some at home.
  • Learned how to rip , edit and post videos to my blog.
  • Improving as TV interviewer
And then:
  • Have not cleaned the basement
  • Did not exercise or walk daily
  • don't mention dieting.
For 2011:

Still sifting ideas:
  • First among them is that I will select a few things and focus.
  • Moderate the time I spend on computer.
  • Spend more time with friends
  • back to the basement
  • Work on Genealogy - to complete at least nine generations and find some stories
  • Work on new story-work - and I have two new projects to launch soon.
  • Keep the two TV shows - learn and write new stories
  • Continue to produce Kensington Storytelling.
  • Start new storytelling venue at Friendship.
That looks like quite enough!

Happy New Year.

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Tim said...

As always, Ellouise, you inspire me with many projects and your willingness to share both your goals and your wisdom. Wishing you the best for 2011!