VIDEO: Storyteller Tip, Wreath

Williamsburg Wreath to keep with the Holiday Season.

Storyteller Tip - Bernadete Nason, August 2010 from Ellouise Schoettler on Vimeo.

Each storyteller-guest on Stories in Focus leaves a gift - a storytelling tip.

Have you ever tried to tell a story you did not really like?

Bernadette Nason has something to say about that!

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Alan G said...

Enjoyed the video....

Although I am not a prolific storyteller I certainly enjoy sharing my personal stories. But there comes a time when you conclude that you have reached the bottom of the well.

It's been my personal experience that when I reached that point, the love of writing and sharing the stories remains, but no memories remain on which to pour out that love.

It does leave one a bit disappointed and empty, but there is just no way I could write a story that was simply void of passion for the content.