Home and Williamsburg Wreath

Well, we are home from Williamsburg and glad to be here.
When our grand-daughter, a Senior at William and Mary College was rushed to Sentara Hospital late yesterday afternoon we rode down with her worried Mom while our son hurried down ahead of us. For those who have made such mad-dashes to their children, you know how tense it was.

Fortunately - things worked out well. A fine hospital, sophisticated diagnostic tests and a very able surgeon who operated just before midnight - and things were fixed. Pain not gone - but healing has begun. When we fell into bed at a near-by motel around 2 AM we were exhausted and grateful.

Today we got a good look at this hospital - Williamsburg Regional Medical Center. Built in 2006, it is a fine example of the newest thinking in hospital design and out-fitted with up-to- the minute equipment.

Recognizing how much waiting is involved for family members there are light filled corridors and spaces; small nooks in odd places with chairs for visitors to sit comfortably and inviting lobby spaces on all floors. It is a very human place.

That said it won't surprise you for me to tell you the patient rooms are marvelous spaces with large bathrooms outfitted with safety rails and other patient-friendly gadgets. The space around the bed is kept clear for easy access to the patient. A window-seat couch folds flat so a family member can sleep in the room over-night with the patient. As many nights as I have slept twisted into a chair in a cramped hospital room with Jim I particularly appreciated what that couch meant.

Good nurses, careful treatment, fine doctors and such a well-thought-out facility - wow.

I have said that I was keeping a record of all our experiences in different hospitals - from my nightmare experience in Coney Island Hospital in Brooklyn, NY, through medical facilities in five states - well this new hospital in Williamsburg is the star of the list.

And here is a touch I really loved - every so often you heard a nursery lullaby over the PA system - announcing the birth of another baby in the maternity unit. Sweet. Jim and I heard the arrival of five babies before we left.

I was happy to run into a member of the family that had gathered the night before to wait for one of those babies - the boy, 7lbs. 6 ounces. He is this woman's first grandchild - her daugher's child.

"I am so happy I can hardly keep from tearing when I talk about him."
"What is his name?"
Her face lit up - " Andrew." Then she hurried away to see him.

Welcome, Andrew.

Hugs to Alison.

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