Re-gifting - A Story

A Vintage Gift

Gave this to Jimmy for Christmas.

I filled Jimmy's Biology Box, circa 1970 -
with his letters from 1984, and 1985 - the first couple of years he and Monica lived in Germany.

They were married in January 1984
so many of the letters detail their settling in - both in Germany and together

Remember hand-written letters?

There are also letters from Monica
talking about her days, classes and
job search.

As well as plans Jimmy made for our trip over to visit them.
Its all the "stuff of life" - the things you forget.

No better way to hear the story of your life than from YOURSELF!

Now - what if I had thrown those letters away?

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Anonymous said...

Love saving letters and cards. I have some classics that my sister and I exchanged when we were kids and on different summer vacations. They're hilarious! And yes, handwritten. It's definitely a treasure these days to receive something handwritten!