Christmas Day

Happy Birthday, Mama.

Louise Keasler Diggle
12/25/1915 - 8/30/2008

I made this fabric piece and named it, Louise Keasler Diggle.

A sweet quiet day today.
The sky is gray - making us think maybe the snow predictions are on target.
At the moment that would be just fine with me.

Mother Nature is calling the shots.

I am perfectly happy to vacay right here at home for a few days - - -
just put the "to do" lists aside
and follow my heart.

Today after I signed up for Ancestry.com I started entering all the data we have - and the process reminded me how much fun this is. Love the way the search process has changed! Twenty years ago researching Genealogy was like scratching in the sand with a stick. Not so these days. The computer puts the data at your fingertips.

The first exciting find - the ship record and date of my great-grandmother's Gold Star Mother's voyage to France to visit her son's grave after WWI .

Felt like a wonderful holiday gift - a new story.

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