Its about Family

What a day!

We started the day at Arlington National Cemetary - a beautiful place in early morning sunlight.

Our first stop - a visit to our daughter's grave - just to the left below the Tomb of the Unknown Soldier.

We also stopped to watch the lone guard keeping his solitary vigil on the chilly morning.

At 9 am there was a Promotion Ceremony for my cousin Lisa at the Women in the US Military Memorial.

Lisa and her husband, Rob (a USAF Major) flew in from Germany where they are both stationed - to have the ceremony so their parents could participate. She arrived a USAF Captain and left a Major. Her mother and her husband replaced the silver captians bars with a Major 's oak leaf clusters and her father, a retired USN Captain swore her in. It was a gathering of family and close friends. Jim and I were very glad to be a part of the celebration.

Afterwards Jim and I went on to the Phillips Gallery for some art browsing. And a delicious butternut squash soup for lunch.

I love it at the Phillips Gallery, especially on a day like today when the crowds are sparse and you can get close with the art works.
I particularly enjoyed this Stabile by Alexander Calder that looks so much like a line-drawing - although it is a standing sculpture.

Jim and I thought we would be at the closing reception at Gallery 10 tonight but sometimes plans absolutely take an unexpected turn. Instead of heading off to Connecticut Avenue - we hit the road with Monica and Juliana because Alison had been rushed to a hospital in Williamsburg in exteme pain - Jimmy was already on the road headed toward the hospital. We went along for back-up for the Mom and Dad and to be there with them while they waited out whatever the situation was. It was tense. But has ended on a good note. A bit of laproscopic surgery - bye-bye appendix - and all will be well.

While we were waiting to hear about Alison a large family gathered at the other end of the waiting room - waiting to greet a new arrival. Time passed slowly until - down the hall there was a burst of music - a nursery rhyme announcing the baby's arrival. Shortly a beaming father walked out -
" a boy - 7 pounds and 6 ounces." Hugs all around.

It has been a real family day. Praise God.

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