Day of Infamy, 1941 memory - Williamsburg Wreath

December 7, 1941 Pearl Harbor

We lived in a small two story bungalow on 9th Street in Charlotte, NC.
Three children, Ellouise 5, Lynda 3, and Kathy 6 months

It was a Sunday
I went for an afternoon car ride
with the neighbors - the Weeks.
We were stopped at the corner of Hawthorn Lane and Seventh Street
by a traffic jam, cars stopped,
"it must be the football game."
It wasn't
young boys running from car to car waving a pink newspaper
shouting "Read all about it. Read all about it."

Mr. Weeks bought a paper
We are at WAR!

I did not understand that our world had just been turned up-side-down.

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Alan G said...

I wrote a bit about this today myself. I was about 38 days old so for me personally it was an event I would not remember but it would be the event that defined our parents generation and I could not be prouder.