VIDEO: The Wedding Dress

Wedding Dress from Ellouise Schoettler on Vimeo.

(if the video doesn't play - click on the Title, Wedding Dress - - UNDER the video)

Seems appropriate to replay this video on our 55th wedding anniversary.

Being married in a borrowed dress did not have any apparent impact on our life together -


marisa98 said...

Beautiful story, ellouise, well told. I wish I could see those dresses - I love to look at white chiffon and white satin. Congratulations on your 55th wedding anniversary. You were definitely a child bride.

Anonymous said...

I LOVE this story soooo much! It brought a tear to my eye : ) I love stories about wedding dresses as well as birthing experiences—everyone has a unique and memorable one, and they are usually stories we, as women, never forget the details of.)

I have a great story about my wedding dress that I'll share with you sometime when we chat. Or maybe I'll just blog a few of my favorite stories, who knows!

You are the best storyteller, Ellouise. And I have to tell you this… at Christmas dinner with friends the other night, they all kept telling me what a great story-teller I was! We were all laughing and it was warm, delicious, and funny. But when they said that, it made me think of you and how maybe it just runs in the family : )

Love ya (and I want to see that beautiful dress! I hope you can post some photos.