3 BT and A Musing on Time

(until Christmas I post a Williamsburg wreath everyday to mark the season of Advent)

1. Enjoying being home and marking a few things off my list.

2. Love the Harry Potter films this week-end. Never tire of them. Discover something new everytime I see them.

3. Jim put up the Christmas tree and voila - it has lights installed on it. The glowing plain tree looks quite nice - - - ah - choices

Musing on choices -
for years I just went on to automatic pilot for holidays - shopping, cooking, mailing cards, etc etc . You know the drill. Without thinking I went full steam ahead.
For about ten years I have been questioning the wisdom of that

What is it all for and at what cost.
These days I think everyone should re-examine the cost of those usual things we do,
Habits can be costly.
and just well being.

I am not a philosopher or intellectual
and I come to ephiphanies
but I have lately recognized
that I often squander
my most precious commodity - - -

treating time
like something that can be restored.
the truth is
when its gone
it is gone.

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Debbie Couture said...

Hi Ellouise, It is a good thing to think about how we use our time. Time is so precious. I really sometimes wish I could go back in time and change a few things. Hope you are enjoying your holiday season.