Friday Video Story - Writing in My Book

Writing in My Book from Ellouise Schoettler on Vimeo.

Writing in My Book is a fun story that joins a childhood memory with something fresh that happened in the present. The story just came together for me in California Haircuts when I was visiting my daughter. It was first written as a post on this blog and hid out there until I realized it would be an amusing story to tell.

This version of the story was taped during a performance at Speakeasy, Washington, DC. May 2008.

The Wedding Dress Story is still available until Friday January 29 - HERE


Gregory Leifel said...


I would never write in a book. It's too difficult to write on the creases from the many dog ears in my books.
Of course I do have trouble sometimes knowing which sentence I dog eared the page for. Great story, told wonderfully. Keep up the good work of posting stories.
Gregory Leifel


Thanks, Gregory. Very glad you enjoyed the story,

Anonymous said...

I totally agree with you, Ellouise!! I also write in my books, and I am... a librarian!

Mary Grace Ketner said...

Love it, Ellouise! I still suffer anxieties based on admonitions from elementary school teachers. Usually it's an internal thing, but I fear that my days are numbered. It is only a matter of time before my crimes will be exposed for all the world to see. Your story is proof that one can't hide forever!--Mary Grace