Thursday - Ira Glass,

Creative work takes practice, practice, practice.

I like to watch these teaching videos by Ira Glass where he talks about "process". Listen and learn. He is so natural and at ease as he talks wth the camera - you feel as though he is talking with you. That's harder than it looks.

Video is not my medium and at this stage of my career I am not jumping into a new way of telling my stories but - - that being said, I love video and I am learning so much by looking at a lot of them. For several months I have collected videos and posted them on FACEBOOK as my way of communicating with folks. Videos are everywhere and on all sorts of subjects. Its how we live in our world. We don't just read the written page anymore. We like to see what's happening. The moving picture breathes life into the images.

Take the catastrophic horror in Haiti for example - would the tragedy have the same impact if just told to you on radio or in words in the newspaper. Its the images. Seeing the pain and suffering touches our hearts. Watching CNN medical commentator Dr. Sanjay Gupta examine a 15 day old baby and bandage her head - that's human - heart-breaking - an unforgettable image.
The world is connected person to person.

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