Saturday - Lost and Found

We had just finished the Caprese anitpasto plate at Manoli Canoli when Jim tapped me on the shoulder. Pointing to a bright red wool scarf hanging on a hook of the coat tree by the front door, he asked.
"Does that look like a Fresno State scarf" I was a bit vague at first. "You mean the one you lost? Could be."

Jim walked over and checked for the Fresno Bull Dog emblem. Yep. The dog was sitting just where it was supposed to be.

"This is the scarf I lost." I nodded, agreeing. He asked the waiter. " Oh, that's been hanging there for a long time." Jim wrapped it around his neck and returned to the table.

Yes, a long time - since Jim lunch-time the Monday before New Years.

Nice find and a delicious Aegean Shrimp Pasta.

A lucky lunch.

I used to freak when things went missing. Rushing around. Calling out, " Have you seen it." Lately I have learned - if you just wait things do come home. Don't believe me?

A few weeks ago I left my coat in a doctors office downtown. Jim retrieved it later and when he handed it to me one silver earring fell into the floor of the car. I must have left them in my coat pocket. We found that one.

I emptied my purse - not once but several times. We cleaned out the car. "yes I looked under the seats." We even stopped by the doctor's office a week later on the chance they had found the missing earring. No Luck.

These were my favorites. A great thrift shop find at Sunflowers in Kensington.

Plain hammered Mexican silver squares with a square of black onyx in the center. Good to wear, even dressy. And I always wore them for storytelling.

Finally I shrugged and accepted it. Another orphan earring for my box of ones. I was sorry to lose that other earring. But, oh, well.

I only said something to one person - Saint Anthony.

Last week I put my hand deep into my purse searching for my cell-phone and it closed over a
small hard square of silver. I pulled out the missing earring.


Or, maybe not.

Have you lost anything lately?
(artwork: teetering, collage, e.schoettler)

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