Monday -

Book of Hours - cover
collage book - 1992
E. Schoettler

Is it really 18 years ago? I made this collage book while I was staying with Jim in George Washington Hospital after his aneurysm surgery. That same day Robin's oldes son, Jamie was born in CA. The first call we received after Jim came from recovery was Brad, calling to tell us about his son - and that he was named for Jim. A memorable day.

Three beautiful things:

1. A memory. The young man taking care of Jim today speaks with a soft beautiful accent. Jim asked him where he is from. "Kenya. Nairobi. " He has only been in the US four months and he is homesick. Ofcourse he is. We talked about the endless skies, several points in the city of Nairobi that I remembered from my trip to Kenya in 1985 and - the animals living in the wild. Our talk was good for both of us - it refreshed the images of my memories and it gave him a chance to talk about home with someone who has been there.

2. Receiving Holy Communion from a member of a local Parish. Grateful for his ministry.

3. Having WiFi in the teeny tiny hot hospital room made doing my work today so much easier while Jim's system was being washed with antibiotics and hopefully getting beyond the fevers and infection.

Book of Hours
collage book - 1992
e. schoettler

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