Sunday - A peek into the past.

An unexpected delight.

Jim's quick cut barber shop was open today so I went there to neaten up for the tv taping tomorrow.

Its a friendly men's place. On the week-ends it becomes a one-stop for dads and their sons who need a cut. I could hardly watch what was happening to my own head because I was fascinated by the interactions between the dads and their fresh faced little boys. The boys eagerly hopped up into the chairs. They were ready to have their hair cut "like daddy." One two year old sat on a booster seat. He was swallowed in a barber's cape staring at himself in the mirror while his dad held up a strand of hair telling the barber to leave some hair.

It brought back memories of when Jim took Jimmy to the Air Force base barber shop and brought him home with all his hair shaved off. That cut could not have taken five minutes. I tried to do it for him myself once. But there was more of a trick to using the shaver than I thought - the poor kid looked really pathetic.

That afternoon the barber at the local shop shook his head as he tried to fix what I had done to Jimmy's hair-cut. "lady, I hope you get rid of your shaver." I did.

What about you? Any memorable hair-cuts to tell about?
(artwork: collage, e.schoettler )


Robin S. Fox, Social Media Coach said...

Hi-- I'm with you. I don't have the stomache for doing the buzz cut. Perhaps its a boy thing. Jamie & Danny do their own hair. Downside: Bits of red and brown hair left even after they've cleared the shrapnel. Still, I always marvel at the way they just attack the scalp.

Granny Sue said...

I whack my hair when it needs a trim, but I can't imagine doing like my youngest--he just shaves his head. All I can think of are knicks and razor burn.

SF Bay Area Girl said...

I have some adorable pix of my little boy (now 15 : ) when he was about 6, going to Mario, the local barber, getting his big, fluffy afro-like hair cut off. After that, he began walking over to Mario's by himself on a regular basis. Then his dad got him a shaver and showed him how to trim his own hair. He used to do an awesome job of it, too. Now it's long dreadlocks. I'd love to post "hair evolution" photos one day.