Monday - Storytelling and Sewing

1. Storytelling: Taped the next Stories in Focus TV show with guest, storyteller Jon Spelman. We had a good time in the interview segment talking about how he "found" storytelling on to the way he approaches collecting stories. He told a rich rendition of an old, old folktale. Jon has a marvelous voice which he uses very effectively in his telling style along with his word choices which are like brushstrokes painting the pictures of the story.

After the taping and a long visit with Jon talking about storytelling over a coke, the shank of the day was gone. When I got home I just was not in the mood to do the things on my list - so I put the list aside. Did some thinking. Stared into space. Sorted things out. Just was. And, you know something, it felt good.

A friend called and we chatted about nothing in particular - just a good connection. I called my daughter to catch up. We talked some about my list - and I know I have to get back to it. But not now. Today is my stay-cation.

2. Some sewing. Getting back to working on the quilt top I started before Christmas. Its been stop and go. Its a simple plan - working on instinct I am sewing a collection of squares together to construct the top. I started thinking about it when I saw these quilts at the Appalachian Heritage Festival in September. My colors are working out better than I expected. I did not pre-plan the colors - just used what I had at hand. Part of my reduce, reuse, recycle and get rid of it scheme. I find working with fabrics and colors very soothing. (Photo 1: Lap quilt, Appalachian Heritage Festival, September 2009. Photo 2: My quilt in process.) Karen asked me if I was working on something "to show". No. I am not turning on my critics and editors. This is "for the prairie." For us to use.

3. Surfed the web a bit after supper. Still reading King Arthur tales - my second time through a yellowed paper-back. I started the story of Tristran and Iseult this morning so I was really glad to find Priscilla Howe's blog. She talks about her telling of the epic story of Tristan and Iseult and introduced me to a larger story than is told with the Arthur tales. Wish I could hear her telling this tale.

It was a low -key ordinary day. And, sometimes I forget - how good that is.

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Cat said...

Low key days are such a luxury. It's nice to see you doing things for yourself.