Friday Video Story - The Dalmation Dog

The Dalmation Dog
This is the Speakeasy DC version of the story I told at the 2009 Exchange Place, National Storytelling Festival, Jonesborough, TN

Let me tell you something - this story is funnier now than it was the evening Jim and I lived it.
Sometimes it takes a bit of distance before you can really savor the humor in a story from personal experience. Would you believe this true story has also won 1st prize in a Liars' Contest?

What's the story with the video, you may be asking yourself. Where does she go at the end?
That near-accident happened because the legs of the portable stage were not"locked" and folded under as I walked off. Fortunately only my dignity was damaged.

Rule 65 - watch out for temporary stages.

This film will be live until Friday February 12.


SF Bay Area Girl said...

Forty-eight years of marriage vs. $550… love your story, Miss Ellousie : )

Unknown said...

yep, this is a good one. I so admire you posting your stories -- way to go, girl!