Wednesday - Chatter, Storytelling and Timeless Chinese Warriors

Brr, Baby, its cold outside.
Williamsburg winter street scene.

There is a layer of gray clouds overhead. Hoping that does not mean more snow.
Headed out early this morning. Grabbing my gloves. The steering wheel of our van will be sooooo cold. And it takes the car a bit to warm up. This is when I wish for heated seats.

These ladies will hold the place for me until I get back.

I am finally back and will leave a few notes before I settle down to sleep. It has been a lovely and very varied day.

Three Beautiful Things.

1. Jim and I went to the National Geographic to see the ancient Chinese Terracotta Warriors. (good intro video.) The warrior figures are stunning. The exhibition setting complements the figures and their timeless serenity.
People gasp as they walk into the largest exhibit room where six of the figures stand - a memorable sight.

Not often you can stand with a 2,000 year old guy. Grateful to the woman who offered to take the picture.

FYI - if you are in the DC area - It is a 12.00 regular price ticket ($2 off for Seniors) except on Wednesdays there are 200 free tickets which they begin distributing at 5:30 PM.

2. First Stories for Seniors gig this afternoon and it was fun. I tried a few new stories and they worked well. Always feels good when people are laughing and happy and asking, "when are you coming back."

3. More stories tonight. Margaret and Ralph Chatham opened the 2010 season at the Kensington Row Storytelling Salon with a delightful evening of stories. Finely told. Everyone was charmed by their tandem telling of the Dylan Thomas, "A Child's Christmas in Wales." A perfect way to close this years Christmas Season.

A special gift for everyone - Multi-talented Margaret brought some of her exquisitely decorated cookies. They are not only beautiful - they are also delicious gingerbread - once you can bring yourself to bite into edible art.

FYI - You can still see the Video story HANDMADE.

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