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Journal from Haiti
A young friend of my daughter's has gone with a group to Haiti on a humanitarian mission. Their trip was planned before the earthquake and they were delayed when the quake occurred.Knowing what they faced they went as soon afterwards as it was deemed "safe." '

Kelly is posting on her Haiti blog when she can. Its a different "eyes on the ground" view of that sad place from a group of young Americans who went to help.

Another example of the role social and personal media is playing today in connecting the world person to person.

Kelly's report of what she sees is very touching. One lone white pick-up truck with supplies - that image goes a long way to explain the growing frustration of the people in Haiti - those waiting for supplies and those trying to deliver them. And, those people around the world who helplessly watch the situation from far away.

(artwork: Zip, collage, e. schoettler )

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