Saturday - Storytelling and Bra-Chatter


Flipping through my picture files this morning I stopped at this one. I remember the morning at the Wal-Mart in Charlotte three years ago when I snapped the photo of a full rack of red satin bras. Eye-stopping to say the least. Never dreamed I would actualy have a chance to use the picture.

It fits right in with the recent fascination with ladies lingerie on FaceBook.

So much hoopla about bras on Facebook and Twitter as people rushed to answer a question about the color of their underwear. Even though it was couched as raising awareness for breast cancer - I thought it was dumb. Did I miss something of social significance here?

And what does it say that the Washington Post gave the bra-chatter on Social Media a two page spread? Just asking?


Really wonderful day of story-work at the annual workshop with Donald Davis. Nine tellers and a master. Rich.
I started a new story on a long-time problem, my basement - and the accumulation of history jumbled together under the floor-boards.
Yeah! Yeah! I know. You have heard about it before. But, now, inspired by storyteller Michael Reno Harrell's very funny tale of cleaning out his mother's house - I am moving on it.

Workshops are story incubators and its really good to hear other storytellers working on their stories.
Learn by telling and learn by listening.

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