New This Year - Videos of Ellouise Telling Stories

Something new. Stories for the Week-end. I will post a new story on Friday or Saturday every week.

Handmade from Ellouise Schoettler on Vimeo.

Handmade is a story about recycling and re-creating that crosses several generations and applauds women who see the potential in what is at hand.

My mother, Louise Diggle, died about a year after I wrote and performed this story as part of my program, Second Hand Rose. I am grateful that she heard and liked the story and knew it as a "thank you" to her for the many things she taught me.

This version of Handmade was recorded for my weekly TV program, Stories in Time.

For the past few years I have been fortunate that my stories have been video taped often during performances and for my regular cable television program. The tapes are a rich resource, yes, but then once you have them - what to do with them. They have been gathering dust on my shelf. Well, that's not good. Stories are meant to be told ..... and heard.

A few months ago this started to bother me. Do you do that? Stew about it until you figure out what to do? And, now I have worked it out - by sharing my stories on the web through my blog.

Its a good thing I like working with technology because its taken me a while to get the hang of using Hand Brake and IMovie to prepare the films for Viemo and voila - here it is. One detail outstanding - for the next film I hope to learn how to close my mouth.

I am wondering how other storytellers are using video to share their stories.


Gregory Leifel said...

Congratulations on your commitment to a story a week! How wonderful for storytelling to have this gift from you. Your story took me back to my grandmother's stories about getting through the Depression by hand-making as much as they could.
I look forward to next week's. Gregory

Unknown said...

Hi Ellouise,

A heart warming story like this gives me pause and makes me focus on what is really important. This story of your mother's artfulness, ingenuity, and love, and the impact this had on you and your sister were very moving.


Gregory and Roxanne - thanks so much for your comments. And more for listening to and enjoying the story. That's music to any storyteller's ears.

Anonymous said...

What a beautiful tribute to your Mom. I couldn't help but think of her crocheting your poncho with red and purple yarn. I remembered thinking that I would never put those two colors together, but when she finished it was stunning. That is the word I would use most when she made things....stunning.



Thanks Karen. How lovely that you remember my purple and red poncho. I love it - and still wear it. A woman stopped me in a lobby last week saying, "That's gorgeous." It felt really good to say. " My mother made it for me."
The reason those colors, red and purple - work so magically is that she put two narrow emerald green stripes in it. No training - her eyes told her what to do.