Sunday - Bits and Pieces


3 Beautiful Things
1. Airlie is made of bits of old cloth, held in place by net and then stitched over, like free drawing lines. This gives it the look of a painting and the textures of fabric.
The movie All About Steve, is "tongue in cheek" from beginning to end. Sandra Bullock's character, Mary, is a quirky, smart woman who knows so much she can't keep quiet and who has never learned to hold still. Being a blonde she does not look like the familiar Sandra Bullock. At first its a bit difficult to like her character but Mary grows on you. Does she get the guy, like in While You Were Sleeping? All I will say is that I liked it, despite the critics who didn't.
3. Cold. Cold. Cold. A coke can I left in the car froze and would have exploded except that the liquid solidified in place before it could splatter. Thank goodness.

You can watch the video story, Handmade HERE.

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