Friday - Air Vigilante - Video Story

Air Vigilante from Ellouise Schoettler on Vimeo.

Christmas Day the world saw once again how important passengers can be for airplane safety. Believe me, that's no surprise to me.

With all the talk and concern about air line safety in the news, I thought this was a good time to play Air Vigilante, one of my favorite stories. Years ago I learned that I could turn my fear of flying to good purpose as a "watcher." How about you?

In 2009 I taped this version for television and told it at Speakeasydc in Washington, DC.


Slash Coleman said...

I'm hiring you to fly with me on my next trip ok?

Unknown said...

I loved your story! I'm following your tales and hope to fly with you someday. I also just posted your video on my Twitter @joycemsullivan. got to share the love!


Thanks for sharing the links. Yes, lets all fly together - hmmmm - say to Venice.