Wednesday - Savoring the Todays

With all that's been going on I have not gone blog "visitin'" for a while. And I am so glad I decided to check in with TravelinOma - that's Marty - this morning. I wrote to her once telling her she is the neighbor I wish I had - a woman filled with love and wisdom.

Her post this morning sent me to her daughter on the East Coast, also a blogger - at The Gab Blog. where she was talking about a book Marty gave her for Christmas. And that's where I found this video -

Katrina Kenison reading from her book,
The Gift of the Ordinary Days. Beautiful and touching. I have to share it with you.

After her words touched me so deeply I wanted to know more about Katrina Kenison. May you will too. HERE

Her work makes the case for me - Catch the Stories in the Everyday - that's where the story is.

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