Sharing an Inspiring Moment

Today someone posted this amazing video clip to Storytell, a community of storytellers on the web. Its worth watching to see an obscure Welsh cell phone salesman amaze talent judges and bring an audience to its feet with his stunning voice.

November 1st is the start date for a blogging challenge..A few weeks ago I signed on for this blog-challenge -saying that I would write something everyday for a month. When I received the Paul Potts clip this morning I thought this would start the challenge on a high note (no pun intended.)

Challenges are everywhere today. On 37 Days Patti Digh has thrown down a gauntlet challenging her readers to edit their knee jerk complaints and negative thinking. Oh, Patti, talk about tough! I can write everyday - but I am not sure whether I can stifle my complaints - for one day - let alone 37 Days. But - its worth a try!How about you? Are you up for challenges this month? Today?

Explaining myself and this blog..

On this blog I interact with the daily ordinary things that are happening - on a wide range - because I believe the stories we live every day are important- and the stuff of stories- even if its the lists of the day.

Often I share family stories and memories because rhey float through the constant rolling of my mental home movies. Past and present co-exist in my everyday. And, I talk about my life as a storyteller and visual artist- these are my passions.
( As you see, I often add something of my art or a photo. Above, a marker drawing on an old snapshot.)

Finishing Halloween
Its been fun! Three programs in two days - telling for adults. New stories mixed with some family favorites. My family is a little bit haunted. I grew up with tales of ghosts and sightings. I love bringing them out and talking about the people who told them to me.

A real plus of telling the personal ghost stories is that the stories often prompt memories in the listeners. They tell me their ghost stories. When I ask if I can tell their stories - God Bless them they give me permission. Yesterday four wonderful new stories joined my collection - for next year.