Life is OFF the Calendar

My calendar is set. My plans are made. Often weeks in advance. How about you? Then just when I think I have it under control, all the pieces in place, life steps in to remiind me - I am not in charge.

Today the weather has given us a jolt.
This morning I am thinking about PA - specifically about our little house an hour and a half away. A $64,000 dollar question. Why, oh why, did we think it was a good idea to get involved with another house?

The last time we went to Pa I took some pictures of skies and barns. Loved this old red barn near our place for it's blue roof. And I fear everything near it is blue - with the cold this morning.

The weather turned cold last night. Frost on the ground and dusting the cars this morning. Makes Jim frown - worrying about the pipes in our house in PA. Oh, no, today is not a good day for that drive to check things out.

Have I mentioned that we are now a one-car family. Our 1986 Honda died last month. Just cough, cough and kaput. The demise of Julius was not sudden or a surprise. Old age creeps up on cars just like on people. "Julius" had been eating a lot of money to keep it on the road as a neighborhood car. So now - we are faced with the regular dilemma of balancing schedules and sharing the wheels. After so many years of not having to do that - its a big change and it is hard.

Which brings us back to the weather and the pipes in PA. We cannot dash up there today and check things out - there is a committment here. Hmmm.

We are crossing our fingers - and will go tomorrow. And hope for the sun has been bright and warm over the "Apple house".

So today the weather is pulling our choke chain. Yesterday I had a bigger reminder.
Driving home from Adventure Theater I turned into Jones Bridge Road, just two blocks from the turn for my street. Last year the traffic folks decided to add a third passing lane - all marked off with yellow lines - so that the turning car could move over for a left hand turn - you know, not block the cars behind. I did that, carefully, just as a speeding car crested the hill - coming my way. He must have entered that turn lane four blcks away at the signal and was using it like a personal speedway. I swerved and fortunately there was room so that the car behind me did not rear end my car. The intruder never wavered. He sped on - I wondered if he was concerned that he had almost killed us both.

I turned into my street seconds later - shaking. Thank you, Lord. Thank you.